This is a page about fbshot, a small utility for capturing the linux framebuffer.

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Fbshot is a small program that allowes you to take screenshots from your Linux framebuffer. This utility was written on x86 hardware (typical PC), therefore it has no support for other architectures and their framebuffers, especially not for Amiga nor Atari. On the other hand it should work on machines like Alpha's and maybe SUN's. I'm not sure. Anyways it supports following bit-depths: 8, 15, 16, 24 and 32. So it should be enought for everyone:)
Current version number is 0.3


This utility was originally written by Stephan Beyer and then taken over by the U4X team. Stephan's latest fbshot version was 0.1d. Than a guy called Paul Mundt from the U4X Project has taken over fbshot, and he has released version 0.2. As of that time fbshot supported 24 and 32-bit modes, and used a lot of memory. I decided to continue their work...


I rewrote main parts of the code, so now it is more careful with memory allocations. I have also added support for the 8, 15 and 16-bit color depths. My first version is 0.3. Actually i'm working ion version 0.4, which will support 4-bit modes (VGA planar modes), it will also support grabbing of just a smal part of the screen, given in the command line.
If you had a chance to run fbshot on any other architecture than x86, please mail me at: sfires at sfires dot net.


fbshot 0.3 this the newes version
fbshot 0.2 this is a copy of Paul Mundt's version of fbshot
fbshot 0.1d this is a copy of the original Stephan Beyer's fbshot


no documentation at present time

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